Jill Boultinghouse, MA Life and Executive Coach


Here is what people are saying about coaching:


“Before working with my coach, Jill, I was capable but not in charge of my business. Now I am constantly creating my business to suit my needs.”

“It is the best way I know to accelerate personal awareness, planning for success, commitment to goals, and goal attainment. It is an excellent way to reinforce training and create a high ROI or a development experience. It is positive and builds on strengths, not weaknesses. It forces the employee to take 100% responsibility for progress and success.”

“Jill as my coach gave me perspective on money and value of my services. Once I had a clearer understanding from an objective standpoint, I had more power to attract new business.”

“Having goals is necessary, having a coach to clarify and maintain an accountable pace for growth is essential. Jill took my business and income to the next level in a very short time. She is my touchstone whenever I feel the desire for change professionally.”

“Coaching produces targeted results in less time than other learning interventions.”

“There’s nothing like having someone on your side, someone to listen and push and at the same time completely believe you.”