Jill Boultinghouse, MA Life and Executive Coach

Team Building

Team building is incredibly rejuvenating. All systems need time to repair itself in order to work more efficiently. The brain is one of them. It is more active when you are sleeping than when you are awake. It is busy repairing itself and sorting out problems that you can’t do when you are awake. I like to think of team building in the same way. Many problems business teams have can’t be worked out in the office. A fundamental shift needs to occur. The team needs to work on issues in a new environment and from a different approach. Team building isn’t really down time. From the outside it may look that way, like the brain when you are asleep…but in truth, team building is incredibly active repairing the team and sorting out problems so that it can have a fresh start tomorrow. I can provide suggestions for team building and can also incorporate ideas you may have for your team.

Team building helps organizations: increase employee retention, increase leadership skills, increase interpersonal skills, increase productivity, increase teamwork and increase morale and satisfaction.